10 TIPS TO START A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS. I started my online adventure in 2005 with this business that you see here and since then it has rained for much more than 15 years and in these 15 years, I have learned a lot of lessons both with my businesses and with startups that I help as well as with small medium-sized companies.

What SEO Is It Is A Search Engine Positioning Strategy

And the first lesson that he has learned in all these years is that SEO gives superpowers and if you do not know what SEO is, it is a search engine positioning strategy google youtube yahoo bing that is if you can create content either on a website in a blog here on YouTube with videos and you make a suitable strategy to position that content in search engines.

Because you will constantly obtain organic traffic, that is, traffic in which you do not pay anyone to one of your digital assets, be it your YouTube channel or your website your blog, and that gives superpowers because if you do it well it will work for a long time here I show you, for example, a few videos of mine from this Olaf Tribe channel for which keywords.


The position there you see a green number because the green number indicates for that word key what position I have on youtube then when someone goes to youtube and looks for one of these keywords because my video appears in positions 1, 2, 3, and that happens today happens ma Tomorrow it will happen next month and it will probably happen in three years so.

Starting Your Business

If you do SEO well once, then you will constantly get organic traffic without having to pay anyone and if you do not know how to start doing SEO or do SEO and it does not work for you, then I invite you to take a look at the course that I have created on SEO for entrepreneurs in which I show you step by step what you have to do to become SEO, effective SEO, that gives you results.

The second lesson of online entrepreneurship that I learned in these years is that you must have a solid value proposition before starting your business and I know this because I have suffered in my flesh one of the businesses that I did in the past due to its failure resoundingly not because they knew how to do marketing digital but because. You Can Also Read HOW TO GROW ON YOUTUBE FAST from SCRATCH.

The value proposition that had for that business was not good enough a proposal for good value provides you with all the rest if you give your customers to potential your customers a good reason for They buy from you and not from your competitors because that will make your life much easier, so it has a unique and differentiated value proposition.

The Success Of Your Online Business

Before taking any step online, that is, before creating a web page before this YouTube channel, anything a proposal Unique and differentiated value will be vital to the success of your online business. The next choice of online entrepreneurship is that things do not happen overnight, that is to say, have patience and I know how it feels, you spend a few weeks a few months building your public website for example and you think.

That everyone at less in your country they will come running to your website to visit it and then the harsh reality is that you publish it and three people come the next day and one of them is your mother, so give it time if your content has value if your content adds value to your users to your visitors to your potential clients the business will work.

But this does not happen overnight. The next lesson he has learned in all these years is that you should focus on the customer’s lifetime value and not on the first purchase and that I mean by this many online businesses and I see this often in my consultancies helping startups focus on obtaining the first purchase and then forgetting to obtain repeated sales from that same person.

Online Business To Be Successful In The Long Run

What is called the customer’s lifetime value or LTV as the Anglo-Saxons call it, lifetime value, that is, a user a customer should be worth more than just the first purchase because that is one of the keys for an online business to be successful in the long run if your online business is only based on obtaining the first sale and then you forget it.

Because things are going to be quite difficult because the survival of your business depends on constantly generating sales to new people and that is very difficult to achieve for a long time to focus on the customer’s lifetime and not on the first purchase. The next choice of online entrepreneurship that I learned is that a business should focus on three types of people.

The last customer, the last contact or lead, and the last comment on social networks and I explain myself to the person who just commented on your social networks from the last that he has commented because you should pay attention because if you do not pay attention to him then bye, that person will probably say goodbye and you will not see him again, it will probably happen anyway but.

A Few Businesses Sometimes See Many Online

If you have the habit of answering all the comments you have on your profiles then that will generate trust in a sector of your followers after your last contact to your last lead you should also offer a good user experience that is, someone has given you something very valuable which is their email because hey it brings the value there is in that.

The same moment in that same moment and then in successive days in successive weeks and while it is on your email list and then finally to the person who He just bought you, that is, the last sale you have obtained from that person, of course, you should also offer him the best possible user experience, that is to say, genuinely worry once he has made.

The purchase because everything has worked perfectly that he has what he expected if you send a product you can make sure after a few days that the person has received the product then bring a good user experience to your last customer to your last lead to the last comment on social networks. The next lesson online venture is that.

What Business Model You Are Going To Use In Your Business

A web is not a few businesses sometimes see many online entrepreneurs to startups even starting their business through the roof is building a website if a website is a very important digital asset but before building your website you must make sure you have a business with a solid base and a solid base is given by a unique value proposition differentiated.

How you are going to make money that is to say what business model you are going to use in your business and then to what audience you If you do not have those three aspects of the value proposition you are going to direct, what audience are you targeting and how are you going to earn money, well, hey, don’t start any web first in those three well-established pillars.

The next lesson when creating an online business is not to focus on vanity metrics but on business metrics and what are vanity metrics, you can be telling me that vanity metrics are followers on social networks, how many likes your publication gets how many comments your publication gets, etc., etc. all of these are vanity metrics that are fine but they are secondary.