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Introduction Of 10 BEST FREE DUTY-FREE VIDEO BANK | High-Quality HD 4K

10 BEST FREE DUTY-FREE VIDEO BANK | High-Quality HD 4K. Ten banks of free royalty-free videos. Creating videos takes a lot of effort and investment in time. Videos as simple as trees in a forest, a close-up of a dog, or the movement of the stars at night, can be relatively easy to create, but they are still a significant investment in time.

The First Bank Of Videos That We Recommend Is Mazwai

The first bank of videos that we recommend is Mazwai. If we go to their website, Mazwai has a pretty cool interface with a menu that is divided into categories. You just have to find the video that interests you and click on it. Here on the right, it will give you for each video what type of license is requested, in this case, it is telling us that yes, we can use it freely but it asks us.

What we should attribute to the author. This means that where you use the video, at some point, you have to say this video has been created by and the name of the author. If you have doubts, you can always click on this link about the license, About the license, and there it will give you more details.


What you can’t do with any of these video banks is download the videos and then sell them. That is prohibited in all of them. Yes you can use them freely, even in some cases they allow you to edit and combine them, but you cannot sell them as if you had created them yourself. If we go back to the main page and go down, here you have more information about the license and it is a creative commons 3.0 license.

The Moving Image Archive Library Of Internet Archives

This means that you can use them freely but you have to give the attribution to the author. The next bank of free royalty-free videos that we recommend is the Moving Image Archive library of internet archives. All these videos are in the public domain, that is, you can use them without further ado, freely, without any restrictions.

This library is especially interesting for historical archives. Here you will find small documentary films, short videos, on historical subjects, not only historical subjects but we consider that for historical subjects it is especially relevant. This bank of videos, for example, here directly, on the home page, we have this video from here of what seems to be images of some war, I don’t know, from the Second World War it seems.

So for this type of video, it is especially attractive because these videos are very difficult to find elsewhere. The next bank of free videos that we recommend is Dareful, carefully. In Dareful the videos are really of very high quality, the only drawback or the only downside is that there are not many videos but of course the ones that exist are very good. If we take a look at their website, first the license. The license is telling us that you can use all videos for free 100% free and you don’t even have to attribute the author.

The Videos Can Be Used For Free As Long As

So if we look at the videos they have, they are of very good quality. The next bank of free videos that we recommend is Giving. Giving you have to be a little more careful. We see if we go to the licenses, that the videos can be used for free as long as it is for personal purposes, if the purpose is commercial then it is not free and for this, you should acquire its premium license. You Can Also Read What Is The FACEBOOK PIXEL 2021 🔥.

That is, you should pay. If we go to the home of Giving, you see that the style is different from what we have seen so far: they are much more casual styles, much less quality, and can work, for example, for social networks or ads on social networks. There are many clips also that can be used and the formats are usually vertical.

The next bank of free videos that we recommend is Cover, cover with two r’s. The cover has some very high-quality videos as we saw before with Dareful. In addition, its website is very clean to navigate with video categories and with simple but quite useful filtering that distinguishes between the most popular and the newest. In Cover, you also have to be a little careful that they appear in Shutterstock videos.

Email That Are Uploaded To Their Website

These Shutterstock videos are paid videos, that is, if I click on one of them, I’m going to go to the Shutterstock website and these are videos that I have to pay for. As you can see here, for this video, an HD resolution, you would have to pay 59 euros. So be careful with that. At Cover, you can subscribe to their newsletter and they send you new videos by email that are uploaded to their website, so you don’t have to constantly go to the web. The next free video bank that we recommend is Pixabay.

Pixabay is well known for downloading images, that is, photographs, but what some people ignore is that it also has royalty-free videos. Its website is also very simple, very intuitive, very clean to navigate and the videos are also of very high quality. What I like is that you can view the video before accessing the video page If we go down we see that it tells us that all the videos are without copyright, that is, free of rights. The next stock of royalty-free videos we recommend is Videezy.

Videezy has videos that are free and other videos that you do not have to pay for, that is, you have to create a premium license in Videezy. Those that you have to pay are marked with a small green label that says Pro, for example, all of these here, if I click on this it tells me that to download this video I need credit, if I click here it tells me what they cost the credits.

I especially like the ability to search by category. If I go here to search by category we see all the categories they have and this makes searching for videos much easier. The next free video bank that we recommend is Videvo. Video not only has videos but also has free music and sounds, which makes it very interesting because a video without music behind or without some kind of sound is quite strange. a little weird, right? But hey, that’s the subject for another video

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